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Foundation Stage 1

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The Way The Truth and The Life

God's World

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 We will be discovering God's amazing world and talking about the things that He made that are special to us. We will be drawing pictures of things that He created for our class display.

Our big question...

Who am I?

We are learning all about ourselves and our families.

Here are some things we will be doing in FS1 over the next half term: 


Writing table- We will be recognising and writing our names using different types of paper and pencils. 

Construction- Children will be choosing from a range of blocks to create their own structures. We will be looking at different houses and building our own. 

Role play- Back to school- We will have some back to school resources in our home corner and will be role playing going back to FS1. 

Reading area- We have books about ourselves, family and friends to share with each other.

Messy table- Children will be making leaves for our tree display using paint and collage.

Water tray- Different size containers, bubbles and different coloured water. 

Play dough- Scented play dough to create their own pretend packed lunches. 

Tinker table- Laces and threading activities.


We spend lots of time outside improving our physical development. We love to climb and play on our pirate ship and run up and down the hill. We have lots of equipment for us to throw and catch too. We also do 'Go ride go' where we learn to ride bikes. 


Each week children will be joining in a small group read with the class teacher. We will talk about the illustrations and join in actions and repeated phrases. We are beginning to talk about how stories might end. 


We will be learning to hold a pencil using a pencil grip, taking notice of the marks made, creating different shapes and recognising and writing our own names. 






We will be learning to select up to 5 objects when asked, compare amounts using the language of more, lots and few. We will be sorting objects based on their colour, size and shape.

Lots of children can already count in sequence to 10!