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Foundation Stage 2


Welcome to Foundation Stage 2


Meet the teachers and the children


Mrs Corr                      Mrs Harrison                 Miss Keelagher 

Class teacher                              Teaching Assistant                      Teaching Assistant (1:1)



Our Class



Learning through play


The children in FS2 love exploring, solving problems, being imaginative and working with their friends.


Enjoy our slideshow and see what we get up to. 


 The Big Question


What is at the top of the beanstalk?



All our learning will be based on our big question. 


Some of the exciting activities we have planned include:



Using natural materials to build our own beanstalk


Creating our own castle walls for the role play area


Investigating what happens when we plant different seeds


Imagining we are the giant 


Collecting magic beans 


…and much, much more!


The Way The Truth and The Life


Sorrow and Joy


During our topic, 'Sorrow and Joy', we will be focusing on the following main teachings:


Understand we should try to be kind and not to hurt others. 


Learn to say sorry when we hurt someone and ask Jesus to help us. 


Know that Jesus forgave those who hurt him. 


Know that Jesus died on Good Friday - but that this was not the end. 


The Unforgiving Debtor

A story about kindness and hurting others.
Was the King kind to the debtor? Was the debtor kind to his servant?

Reading / Phonics 


Phonics is an extremely important aspect of learning in FS2.


We follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme which you are able to access online for additional information. 



Spring 2 focus


 Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs

Phase 4 segmenting and blending CVCC and CCVC words  



Singing  - YouTube - Jolly Phonics 

Example link:


Why not ask your child to teach you our songs! 




Oral Blending

This video clip will help to explain and demonstrate oral blending.



We learn to segment words:


d   -  o  -  g 


and blend them back together to make a word 




Tricky Words

You can't sound these words out - you just need to know them.






Number Recognition to 20












Basic addition and subtraction to 10 




Shape, Space and Measure


















Please remember!


Please remember to read every night with your child(ren).


Even if your child is not reading fluently yet, it is important that you dedicate 10 minutes each evening to sit down and read their school book with them.


This might include asking questions about the front cover, talking about the pictures, making predications about what might happen next and modelling how to follow the words whilst reading.




Image result for reading quotes

Practise your key words, number recognition and shape names by clicking on the power points below.