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Foundation Stage 2


Welcome to Foundation Stage 2



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 The Big Question



Who am I?

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During this half term all our learning will be based on our big question. This children will be exploring and finding out about themselves and others through Maths, Literacy, RE, our Creative Curriculum and the continuous provision provided inside and outside our classroom.


We will be focusing on ourselves, our families, our similarities and differences, our interests, and our bodies.




Our Classroom


In our classroom we have lots of areas and activities for the children to explore during their independent learning time. Below we will find a list of some of the areas and activities you might find. 


Writing table: letter formation in sand, using whiteboards pens, tracing letters and using magnetic letters to spell. 

Maths table: using numicon to explore how numbers are represented, making numerals from playdough, counting counters on the light table. 

Role play: this will be set up as a doctors surgery / hospital.

Malleable / messy table: painting, drawing, play-dough.

Construction area: building blocks and lego to make houses for our families. 

ICT: the children often have access to the interactive whiteboard where they can practice number and letter formation, play games and draw. 


And much, much more....!






















































The Way The Truth The Life


God's World 


This half term our topic is 'God's World'. We will be focusing on exploring who loves us, who we love and how God loves and cares for each one of us. We will be thinking about the things God created for us and how God has asked us to care for the world and the ways in which we can help to do this. An important aspect of this topic will be looking at how God created each and every one of us to be different and unique and how this is something extremely special. We want the children to be aware that God made all the people in the world to be part of his family. 


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Please sit with your children and watch the video below. 
















Communication and Language


As the children settle into a new school year, it is important that they feel safe and secure and confident to talk about how they are feeling, whether this be happy, sad, angry, frustrated, confused, and anything else. 


We will be introducing a self registration system where the children will be able to use a name card to identify how they are feeling when coming into school. This will mean that any of the teaching staff can identify any children that may need some additional support throughout the school day. In time we hope to build the children's confidence so they are able to communicate effectively how they, and their friends, feel and recognise that this is okay. 


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The half term we will be using non-fiction texts based on out big question to influence our writing. We will be reading a range of texts, looking at what is meant by a title, author and illustrator. We will spend a lot of time discussing what might happen in a story, describing the setting and the characters. 


All the children will take part in a small focused group activity which is teacher led. During this time the children will be focusing on the mechanics of writing, forming letters correctly, identifying initial sounds and working up to being able to use their phonics knowledge to write labels. 


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Reading / Phonics 

Phonics is an extremely important aspect of learning in FS2.

We follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme which you are able to access online for additional information. 


The children will begin by learning to recognise the phase 2 sounds (also called phonemes) as well as beginning to write the letters that match these sounds (also called graphemes). 

For each new sound the children love to learn a new song and action. 

We have already learnt the sounds and songs for 

/s/ /a/ /t/ /p/ /i/ /n/ 

Example link:

Why not ask your child to teach you our song! 


A key aspect at the start of phonics is developing our listening skills. The children will practice oral blending at any time of the day. This video clip will help to explain and demonstrate oral blending. 




We learn to segment words :


d   -  o  -  g 


and blend them back together to make a word 





There are also lots of tricky words that the children will be introduced to. You can't sound these words out - you just need to know them.


Click on the link below to sing along with our tricky words song 






















In FS2 Maths is split into Number and Shape, Space, and Measure (SSM)


During this half term we will be continue to secure our knowledge and ability to recognise numbers to 10 and count up to 10 objects reliably using 1:1 correspondence. Once we feel confident, we will move on to recognising numbers to 20. The children will have lots of experience using hands on objects and exploring number in a practical context. This will support the children when we move to looking at the concept of more and less. The children in FS2 will be introduced to number lines and encouraged to use these when counting forwards and backwards. 

During this half term we will continue to practise forming the written numerals to 10. 



When we look at shape, space and measure we will focus on being able to recognise and recreate repeating patterns. We will begin to look at and explore common 2D and 3D shapes, naming these and beginning to identify some of their properties. The children will be encouraged to identify 2D and 3D shapes in the environment and how they might use these in their play. 



     Click below to hear our number song! Sing along if you can !


















The Big Numbers Song

See if you can sing along with our favourite numbers song.

Expressive arts and design


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The children are fortunate enough to have some planned time on a Monday dedicated to Performing Arts. This will be linked to our big questions where we will use drama, dance, music, and art to express and explore all aspects of ourselves. We will look at our feelings, our similarities, our differences and what makes us special. 


In addition to this, the children have continual access to a role play area which is currently set up as a doctors. The children love dressing up and making up stories about what is wrong with their friends and how they will help them get better. It is lovely to see such caring sides to the children. They also have access to a variety of arts and crafts, messy play, mud kitchen and much, much more! 












Please remember!


Please remember to read every night with your children. Even if your child is not reading fluently yet, it is important that you dedicate 10 minutes each evening to sit down and read their school book with them. This might include asking questions about the front cover, talking about the pictures, making predications about what might happens next and modelling how to follow the words whilst reading.


Encourage the children to find letters and sounds they have learnt in phonics - or even some of the tricky and high frequency words! 


They will soon be very excited when they read those first few words. This milestone is one to be extremely proud and excited about! 


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Practise your key words, number recognition and shape names by clicking on the power points below.