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Literacy Challenge


This half term literacy challenge to write a review of Seacombe Bank and Sutton Stores



Have you heard that there is a new bank and shop at St Saviour’s? Have you visited? What was your experience like? Were the staff helpful and approachable? How could we improve the bank and shop? Do you like what is available to purchase at the shop? Have you managed to save any money at the bank?  What problems may occur? Do you think that I would enjoy visiting?  If you work in either the bank or the shop then what are your experiences?


This half terms literacy challenge is to write a review of Seacombe Bank and Sutton Stores.

You could do this as a non-chronological report, a blog, a newspaper article or you could use your speaking skills to record a report as if you were on television. If this is how you would like to complete your challenge then please send me you video or audio clips to