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Literacy Challenge

This half term literacy challenge is all about Lighthouses.

New Brighton Lighthouse



Do you know what a lighthouse is? Have you ever been to one or seen one from afar?

Could you write a story about a magical lighthouse? What would you see? Is it believable? Who would your characters be?

Could you write persuasive piece where you are trying to get me to visit your lighthouse? What would be there for me to do? What problems may occur? Do you think that I would enjoy it?

Another idea is to write a factual, non-fiction piece. This could include what Lighthouses are used for and their history.

What about to write a poem with rhyme? Or acrostic?

Could you write an information leaflet for tourists about a lighthouse that you have visited?


Here is some key vocabulary to help you.

Alert,  Architecture, Assistance, Attraction, Avoid, Awareness, Beacon, Beam, Circular, Cleaning, Climb, Coast, Coast Guard, Communication, Concentration, Crossing, Design, Distance, Engineering, Fascination, Flashing, Fog, Foghorn, Glow, Harbor, Hazardous, Height, Historic, Illumination, Impact, Importance, Keeper, Lamps, Landmark, Lantern, Light, Mariners, Navigation, Observe, Ocean, Offshore, Old, Operation, Operational, Outbuilding,  Picturesque, Public, Rocks, Rotation, Safety, Seascape, Sequence, Ship, Shipwrecks, Shoal, Signal, Site, Source, Staircase, Stairs, Station, Structure, Survival, Tower, Vessel, Visibility, Watch, Water, Waterways, Waves


Please have a look at the following clips for some inspiration.


There are lots of ideas here and you could complete as many tasks as you would like to, even some of your own.


Good luck and I look forward to reading your work.


Mrs Hardstaff