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Whole School history topics

We used prayer time to remember those who have sacrificed their lives in war and continue to do so. We pray for peace and a world of love, compassion and respect for all. 

Children created payers, poems, diary entries and art work to help us to remember and honour the memory of the fallen. We will remember them. 

Remembrance Garden

In October 2023, we celebrated Black History Month and focused on 'Saluting our Sisters' honouring and learning about the achievements of black women.

These are the women we learnt about:

EYFS: Nicola Adams

Year 1: Faith Ringold

Year 2: Mary Seacole

Year 3: Aretha Franklin

Year 4: Ruby Bridges

Year 5: Malorie Blackman

Year 6: Harriet Tubman

Year 4's Ruby Bridges home learning

Y5 Malorie Blackman home learning

Whole School Black History Month Celebration

Curriculum maps