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Welcome to Nursery!

Welcome to Nursery...My name is Miss Thomson, I am the Nursery lead. Miss Price also works in Nursery.

In Nursery, we learn through play. We have opportunities to learn both indoors and outdoors as well as having teacher-led activities.

We have a variety of areas in nursery including;

The reading corner,

Construction area,

Role play corner,

Creative table

as well as our palace and much more.

St Saviour’s Catholic Primary and Nursery School

Mission Statement

St Saviour’s is a caring school family of God’s children, keeping Jesus at the heart of everything we do.

Everyone is helped to grow in love and respect;

listening to, praying with and supporting each other.

Through forgiveness and love in a safe environment, we help each other to be what God created us to be and to be confident and independent people in His world.

A trip to the park!

We have been going to the park weekly, here are some of the pictures from our visits!

The Way, The Truth and The Life

The first half of this term we will be looking at the Holy Family, we will discover what happened when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple. We will be discussing special places we have been to with our families. We will think about how everybody felt when Jesus was lost and found again, and we will learn a song about the temple visit- 

Where is Jesus? Where is Jesus? 

 Find him now Find him now 

 Look among the pilgrims Look among the pilgrims  

Find him now Find him now.  

Where is Jesus? Where is Jesus?  

Find him now Find him now  

Searching all along the streets Searching all along the streets  

Find him now Find him now 

We will think of ways we can be kind and helpful to others-we will read the Good Samaritan and learn how they helped others. We will learn that Jesus loves the children, and we will learn how we can love one another as Jesus loves us.

The second half of this term we will be discovering Jesus’ friends who he chose to help him. We will look at what it means to be a good friend. We will be finding ways we can help others both in class and within the school. We will start to understand that Jesus helps people, and he gave us people to help us. We will make cards for those around us who help. We will know that Jesus teaches us forgiveness and love and that Jesus helps us to forgive others and to say sorry to others when needed. We will learn what happened at Easter and know that Jesus died but came back to life. 

When we say that we are sorry, 

God forgives x 2 

Whether large or very small God still forgives it all.  

When we say that we are sorry, God forgives 

Our Nursery Routine

Our routine is very flexible and we work around the needs of the children throughout the day. We do encourage the children to use the toilet regularly and nappies are always changed as and when needed, if outside of our scheduled changing times. 

The children are offered a morning snack and a drink of milk/water each day, which we provide free of charge. We encourage the children to try different tastes and textures during this time, as well as teaching good language and communication skills at the table.

This is one of our favourite times of the day! 

Every afternoon the children will be encouraged to eat a piece of fruit and to have a drink of milk/water to refuel, before they return home! 

Morning Session: 

8:40: Welcome & Settling in time 

8.50: Register & 'Hello' time 

9:20: Busy time with focused teaching 

10:00: Outside - free flow

10:20: Snack time 

11:00: Nappy Changing/Toilet time 

11:10: Busy time - Free flow 11:45: Story time & Prayer

12:00: Lunch/Home

Spring 1-Adventure

This half term we are looking at adventures! We will be looking at dinosaurs, superheroes, pirates, witches and wizards and space. We will be learning new ways to move like stomping like a dinosaur and moon walking through space. We will be making spells and potions as well as pirate crafts!

We will also be going on trips to the library to look at new books and explore our community.

The children will be learning about how we can be kind to those around us and getting used to our new routines.

Story time!

We provide lots of opportunities for the children to enjoy stories throughout the day. Our favourite books are displayed for the children to access independently during their busy time and they love to look at the pictures with their friends,

talking about what they can see! Each morning, when the children arrive, they will sit down and look at a book either independently or with their peers/an adult. 

Every afternoon, we have a whole class story time to allow the children to unwind, before they return home.

Here is our Reading Den-

Nursery Rhymes...

Nursery rhymes are a fantastic way of building your child's vocabulary and language skills.

Children love to learn actions to go with their songs so why not try making up your own as you go along! 

In Nursery we are learning to use Makaton signs, particularly when we sing.

Makaton is a sign language programme which was created to be used alongside spoken language, in order to promote communication and language development in babies and young children. 

We sing Nursery Rhymes lots during the day, especially carpet times, before snack and lunch and before the end of the day!

Some of our favourite Nursery Rhymes are:

Wheels on the bus

If you're happy and you know it

I'm driving in my car

Baa Baa black sheep 

Twinkle Twinkle little star 

5 little ducks


Information for Parents;

Jabadao has a range of videos and ideas for parents with ideas of how to encourage physical development at home!

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ERIC bowel and bladder have different resources to support with potty training 

Potty training: how to start & best age to potty train - ERIC

Here is a Zoom link 'talking about wee and poo'

Talking about wee and poo - parent / carer event - ERIC

Here are more webinars to support you and your child in potty training

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