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Year 3

Teacher: Miss Burrows

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kitchen


Welcome to Year 3!

We are thrilled to have you as a part of our Year 3 class. We understand that at this time of year there is a lot of change and it can feel scary but, we cannot wait to share this year with you, learn more about what you love and help you through any challenges. All we ask is that you come as yourself; ready to learn, thrive and grow. 

We are going to learn about lots of new topics this year, take part in visits and reflect on how we are always growing wiser and stronger together as part of God's family. We hope you are excited to join us in learning together and we cannot wait to see you. 

Let your Year 3 adventure begin!

Miss Burrows and Mrs Kitchen

Key Information

Arithmetic and Spelling tests

Year 3 will complete their arithmetic and spelling tests every Thursday. There is more information on this in the homework section below. Please make sure that you read & practise your arithmetic and spellings every day. 

Key Days

Monday - Arithmetic/spelling books returned to school

Thursday - Spelling/arithmetic tests              

Friday - New spelling homework is set on Spelling Frame & arithmetic homework is sent home as a paper copy. 

PE Days

Year 3 PE lessons will take place on a Wednesday and Thursday. All children need to have the appropriate PE kits (for indoor and outdoors use) in school with them every day.

In Religious Education, children will be learning about 'Mary, Our Mother'. We will be looking at why Mary was chosen and how we can pray to Mary to thank her. 

We will look at a variety of ways to pray and find ways to spend time alone with Jesus, so that our relationship with him grows. We will study several parables and other stories from the Bible in our Prayer time. We will then reflect on what values are important for us all to follow.  


This term the children will be building their confidence and knowledge in writing by developing the skills to write their own '500 word' narratives.  They will use a variety of writing techniques to create characters, setting descriptions and a plot. The children will be encouraged to write with independence and use their imagination. 


Throughout Year 3, the children will use and develop their spelling skills by learning spelling pattern rules. The children will take part in daily spelling lessons, where they will be taught spelling and grammar rules that will be applied in their writing. Children will be assessed every Thursday morning.

At the bottom of our class page, there is a document showing the Year 3/Year 4 spelling words that each child is expected to know by the end of Year 4. These spellings are often part of the children's weekly spelling homework. Please refer to the list to help support your child with their spellings. 

All children have their own log in to SpellingFrame where they need to practise their spellings and complete a practise test before their Thursday test in school. 


In Year 3, we are trying hard to use the diagonal and horizontal strokes that are needed to join letters. We are trying to understand which letters, when adjacent to one another, are best left unjoined.   

Reading for pleasure

I am excited to share my love for reading with Year 3! There is no better adventure than inside a good book. We would love to hear all about the books you love, your visits to the library and your favourite authors.

Sharing books and stories with children helps them to learn important writing and reading skills, but it also helps with talking, listening and communication skills. By reading a book, children are encouraged to use their imagination, curiosity and explore emotions in the safe world of the book.

In our Year 3 reading corner, there are lots of books for the children to choose from. In school, each child will read an age-appropriate book to an adult. They will bring a 'reading for pleasure' book home to share with a grown-up.

For every read at home, signed in your child's red reading diary, they will collect a point. For every 5 points, your child will receive 1 save.

Guided Reading

Every child will participate in guided reading sessions, listening to and discussing a wide range of texts. The children will be focusing on reading strategies and how to apply those into strong comprehension skills. In Year 3, we will also have many opportunities to develop our confidence, presentation skills and participate in discussion about both books that are read to us and those that we can read for themselves. 

Remember...                         5 times reading at home = 1 save 

Click on the link for access to the Oxford Owl Library for free ebooks.

Oxford Owl Library - Free ebooks


Please see below a link which will take you to our school literacy page. Here you will be able to access a range of documents and videos to help with the pronunciation of phonetical sounds to help your children with their reading. 

Throughout this half term, children will build their confidence in adding and subtracting 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. The children will work practically by using manipulatives to represent the numbers and partition the numbers as this will help build on their understanding of place value. 

Before each maths lesson, the children will have the opportunity to take part in a problem-solving activity. This is a chance for the children to use their prior knowledge and skills to solve a word problem.

Children will take part in daily arithmetic lessons designed to aid mental recall of times tables and will be assessed every Thursday morning. Children are encouraged to learn their 2,5,10,3,4, and 8 times tables by heart so that they are able to recall number facts for these multiplications quickly and confidently. The children in Year 3 have access to Times Tables Rock Stars twice a week in class and are encouraged to log on from home to practise. 

There will be many opportunities for cross-curricular work with children able to apply their mathematic skills in other areas of the curriculum. This will enable children to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and they will experience increasingly complex problems over the term requiring them to recall and apply knowledge more rapidly and accurately.




Science - Rocks

Geography - The Desert

History - Ancient Egyptians

Design Technology - Cooking and Nutrition: A healthy packed lunch

Art - Creative Crafts

Physical Education - Dance 

Computing - Connecting computers

Music - Singing 

Spanish - Greetings and Numbers

Arithmetic and Spelling Homework

Practising your spellings and arithmetic each day will help you to recognise patterns and feel confident for your test on a Thursday. Please make sure that you spend some time each evening to practise.

You will be tested every Thursday.


You will receive a paper copy of your arithmetic homework each Friday. Please use Times Tables Rockstars to support your practise. 


You will need to log in to SpellingFrame with your own log in and password to access your weekly spellings. Please complete the online 'test' before your Thursday test in school. 

Useful links

Click on the links to play

Times Tables Rock Stars & timetables games 

In Year 3, you will have been given a 'Times Tables Rock Stars' account to help you practise your times tables. We will use this in class, and you all have a log in at the back of your red reading diaries so that you can use this at home too.

Times Tables Rock Stars ( 

Daily 10 - Mental Maths Challenge - Topmarks


Grammar, punctuation and spelling - KS2 English - BBC Bitesize

Storyteller videos - Oxford Owl

Year 3 Spellings

Waffle, Maggie and Molly

Waffle, Maggie and Molly are an important part of St Saviour's school life. They love visiting the classrooms and bringing joy to children and staff. They are gentle, caring dogs who love an adventure around the school grounds. 

Waffle, Maggie and Molly will join Year 3 for visits during the school week.