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Year 2

Welcome to Year Two


Your teachers are Mrs McKay and Mrs Hardstaff



The Way The Truth The Life

Spring Term 1



As Jesus grew up He brought Good News to lots of people in many different ways.  Do you know what happened to Jairius and his Daughter ?  

  Look at the picture.

Can you see Jesus? What do you think is happening ? You can find this story in The Bible. Mark wrote about it in his gospel - Chapter  5 : verses 21-43

Matthew also wrote about it - Chapter 9 : verses 18 - 26

Luke told the story too. - Chapter 8 : verses 40-56

Why don't you see if you can find the story in The Bible and read it with someone at home? 


We have learnt a song about The Feeding of the Five Thousand People. 

Click on the link below and sing along.

Can you remember the actions? 









This term we have been reading books about animals and plant that live in different habitats

Can you look at the illustrations below. Which book were they from? Can you have a go at telling someone the story behind the picture ? 


Which of these describing words or phrases would go with which picture? 

wild rumpus       peaceful       dark,deep waters   smell wafting through the air      slimy scaly    noisy   mischievous     playful      tranquil    undisturbed 


Reading in Year 2 


In year 2 we are looking at being able to give our opinion about a text and to be able to explain why a character has acted in a certain way. We are discovering non fiction books to help us with our topic work and can use a contents page well.


Below is the link to the library, there are lots of activities planned this term- take a look:




Please make sure that you read each day at home.




Can you remember using Deines Blocks to add and subtract 2 digit numbers ? 


We will be practising more of these and then thinking about different ways to show our answers.


Think of a two digit number like 42. How many different ways could you show this number? 

You could write it in numerals  42

You could write it in words  forty two

You could draw it  oooooooooo





You could use it in a calculation  40 + 2 = 42

                                    10+10+10+ 10 + 2= 42

                           70 - 38 = 42

You could show it with bundles of straws or sticks.


Try this activity with lots of different two digit numbers. 


Looking at Fractions. 

Can you fold different shaped paper to make equal parts? try a square and a rectangle.  How many equal parts do you make ?  What about a circle? 


Explain to an adult how you know they are equal parts .

Try this problem: 

I had a whole pizza and now only this amount is left .

How much of my pizza has been eaten? Explain your answer. You could try and draw the whole pizza and show how I cut it into equal parts.




Click on the links below to play some maths games!


















Is It Natural ? 


We have started our Big Question this week with a mini beast hunt ! We were looking for living things in different areas of school. Have a look at the pictures and see if you can see what we found !



We looked closely and then carefully made drawings of the mini beasts. 

To finish, we chose colours carefully and applied a watercolour wash.


We enjoyed a workshop on up cycling where we learnt about how important it is to recycle materials where possible and look after our environment so all the animals and plants can live happily and safely. 

We made rainbow fish out of recycled materials



We started to grow an Amaryllis before Christmas. 

This is what it looked like .


Look at it now !


Andy Goldsworthy

We used natural materials and worked outside to create pictures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. 

Aren't they beautiful. What concentration and care !


Soon we are going to the Boat Museum in Ellesmere Port. 

I wonder if canals are natural ? What about rivers ? 

Maybe we will find out ! 




Feliz Ano Nuevo !


This half term we are talking about our families.


padre: father

madre: mother
hijo: son
hija: daughter
padres: parents
hermano: brother
hermana: sister


Please bring photographs into school of your family.