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Year 3

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We began our Lenten journey with a service at Ellesmere Port Catholic High School for Ash Wednesday. We thought about saying sorry and asking for forgiveness. We thought about what we could do to prepare, how we could give to others and how we could strengthen our bond with God. 

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Celebrating Mass


We are exploring the topic 'Celebrating Mass'. Children will find out why Sunday is special for Christians and know that during Mass we hear the teachings of Jesus and we pray to him. We will develop our understanding of the bread and wine becoming the body and blood of Jesus. Children will learn that when we receive Holy Communion we receive Jesus and we will be learning some of the responses in Mass. Children will reflect on all that we have to be thankful.


Week 1: We looked at the Last Supper art work by Leonado Da Vinci. We thought about why what the disciples could be saying and thinking. We tried hard to explain why The Last Supper is important to Christians. 

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Week 2: We thought about the importance of saying 'sorry' and asking for forgiveness. We talked about why Christian's think it is important to ask for forgiveness. We found out that forgiveness is very important in other religions such as Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. 


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Last week: We looked at the word of the Lord and important words spoken during Mass. We created art work using watercolours and oil pastels to remind us of Gods word. 

The Last Supper

Meeting in an upper room with His disciples, Jesus washes their feet and commands them to love one another. John 13: 1-35 1

AmaSing March 2019!

Year 3 had a fantastic time performing at the AmaSing concert at the Storyhouse Chester. 


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 Quantum Theatre- The Half Pint Kid

March 2019


Year 3 enjoyed a theatre production of 'The Half Pint Kid' who had find the missing money when it had been stolen from the bank! Children helped to find the clues and solve mathematical problems in order to get the money back!

We looked at the column method for simple addition, subtraction and multiplication. We added and subtracted fractions with the same denominator and recalled facts for our 3, 6 and 8 times tables!


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We have been learning about push and pull forces in our science lessons. We have been investigating friction and finding out what happens when we change the surface of the ramp. 


To make it a fair test we:

  • Kept the ramp at the same height
  • used the same car throughout the investigation
  • kept the landing surface the same
  • used the same person to release the car
  • measured the distance from the front of the car each time
  • measured using the same equipment each time. 


We CHANGED the material on the ramp. 

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Why do we adapt?


We have found out that the Stone Age covered a huge period of time over millions of years ago!

We ordered events on a time line.


Click on the timeline to find out more about the stone age! 


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Click on the image below to find out more about the Bronze Age!

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Cave Shadow Puppets

Cave Shadow Puppets 1
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Cave Shadow Puppets 25
Cave Shadow Puppets 26




 Please read to a grown up every day and ask them to sign your book. Talk about what you like and dislike about the books you read, what your opinions are about the characters and events and make predictions about what you think will happen next. 

Remember to put a token on your reading chart each morning to show that you have read at home. 

If you read 35 times this half term you will be in with a chance of winning some Saves!



LAST WEEK- 72% of the class read every day! 


Keep reading and let's win the reading trophy!


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This half term we will be swimming Tuesday - Thursday. Please remember to bring your swimming kit!


We are learning about water safety and how to enter and exit the pool safely. We are all really good at wetting our face and are growing in confidence in the water! 






We are learning the days of the week and months of they year!


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"Days of the Week" in Spanish (sing-along song)

Sing-along to the Days of the Week in Spanish / Los días de la semana!

Learn the Months of the Year in Spanish Song

Forgiveness Prayer Trail


We planned and carried out our own prayer trails using the theme of forgiveness. We used all of our knowledge from what we had learnt over the half term to help us to create a prayer and action for other children to think about. 

Miss Burke was really impressed with how independent we were and how we all worked effectively as part of a group.

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Action Transport Theatre- Adrift. Refugee story (Autumn term)

Action Transport Theatre- Adrift. Refugee story (Autumn term) 1
Action Transport Theatre- Adrift. Refugee story (Autumn term) 2
Action Transport Theatre- Adrift. Refugee story (Autumn term) 3
Action Transport Theatre- Adrift. Refugee story (Autumn term) 4

Rhema Theatre Cyber Tales (Autumn term)

Rhema Theatre- Cyber Tales  (Autumn term)


Year 3 have been learning about staying safe on the internet. We watched a performance with the whole school and then had a chance to join in drama games, role-play, improvisation and discussions in our class workshop. 

The Power of Words- we talked about what bullying is and the effect of our words and texts on other people. 

Eva and the dragon- we learnt about how we shouldn't talk to strangers online and keeping our personal information safe. 

Octoboy- we thought about how our actions can upset other people. 

Black History Month

African drumming! (Autumn term)

African dancing! (Autumn term)

Learning to sing new songs about Jesus

(Autumn term)

Celebrating World Mental Health Day with the POP Project! (Autumn term)

Floral Pavilion Horrible Histories Ancient Egyptians (Autumn term)

Exploring rocks! (Autumn term)