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In order for your child to attend St Saviour's Catholic Primary and Nursery School in either the Nursery (2yr olds) or FS1 (3yr olds) please contact Mrs Olbrich /Mrs Gardner in the School Office who will be happy to assist you.

The arrangements outlined in the Nursery Admissions Policy will be applied.


In order to secure a place in FS2 (4yr olds) at St Saviour's parents need to register their child through the local authority stating St Saviour’s Catholic Primary and Nursery School as your first choice. This applies even if your child already attends in the Early Years department of our school.

Please go to the website at or telephone the Contact Centre for assistance on 0300 123 7039.


For admission into any other year group or in-year admission, please contact the school office in the first instant. Mrs Olbrich and Mrs Gardner will be happy to assist if you need any help.