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Our Learning


In FS1 we learn through play and love to explore our learning environment both inside and outside. We are creative and learn together with our friends in imaginative ways.


Have a look at some of the things we have been doing:

Our big question...

What is yellow?

We will be exploring the colour yellow! We will be looking at the different things in our environment that are yellow. We will be looking at different colours and how they make us feel.  


The children will be exploring this big question through all areas of our curriculum. Here are some of our exciting activities:


Reading stories about colours- Which story is your favourite? 





Trying different yellow food- Which food do you like the most?




Exploring the colours of spring- What colours can you see around you?






The Way The Truth and The Life


The Holy family


In RE we will be talking about Jesus' family, including his Mother, Mary. We will also be learning about how Jesus helps us to be loving and kind to others and how we can help others both at home and in school.





We love to share stories in FS1 and the children enjoy choosing their own books and spending time in our reading den. We read stories together every day as a class and the children also take home a book to share with their families. This half term our books will include: 








Nursery Rhymes


We sing nursery rhymes every day in FS1 and the children all have their favourite rhyme! We always join in with different actions and sometimes even add in our own verses. Here are some of the rhymes we will be learning this half term:


Five Little Ducks

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


We will be learning to count to 10 in order and begin to show the correct number on their fingers and by making marks on paper. We will also be looking for different shapes in the world around us.


Have a go at some of these mathematics games: