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Home learning activities 


Hello FS1!

Here are some home learning activities for you to have a go at each day. Please let us know how you have got on by emailing us, you could take some photographs too- we'd love to see them.

Mrs Bennett, Miss Owens and Mrs Price













W.B.18.1.21  Daily  activities




                Monday 18th January



Today I would like you to read the story 
“Mouse paint” by Ellen Stoll Walsh.





It is on You Tube -here is the link: 



Here are some questions to think about with your grown up.
What colour paints to the mice find? How many mice are in the story ?
Can you remember any of the colours that the mice mixed with their paws?
If you have any paints at home, have a go at doing some colour mixing. Can you make orange, blue and purple?
If you don’t have any paints at home, you could try colour mixing with crayons or coloured pencils or even food colouring in icing sugar and water! 

Now can you answer these colour problems :






Enjoy colouring and painting your own colour mixing pictures!
Don’t forget to send us a photograph!



Now  practise singing the Nursery Rhyme “Hickory Dickory Dock” 











                                                       Tuesday 19th January
Today I would like you to play some colour games.
Look at the houses below:








                                     2                                                                               3


Can you tell a grown up which colours they are?

Now have a look at these mice:




Which mouse matches house 
number 1 ?
Now match the rest of the mice to the correct house.

Have a look around your house.
Can you find anything yellow, red or blue? 
In the story “Mouse paint,” the mice mixed colours to make orange, green and purple. Can you find anything that is orange ,green or purple ?

When you have collected everything,  can you sort the items in to colour piles.



Now have some fun muddling up the items so that they are in the wrong colour pile. How quickly can you sort them out again ?



Now enjoy singing this rainbow song 🎵 












                                                     Wednesday 20th January
Today I would like you to go on a sound walk.
Go for a walk with your grown up and listen for the following sounds:
A bird singing
A car 
Somebody talking 
A dog barking
An aeroplane or a helicopter
Which is the loudest sound you can hear? Which is the quietest sound ?


When you get back home have some fun making some music!





You could bang some spoons together or tap with a spoon on a pan !

Have a go at making an instrument of your own.
Find some empty plastic bottles and put some rice, sand or pasta inside, then put the lid back on. Now you have your own shakers!


They will sound a bit like maracas! 

Sing your favourite song and see if you can shake in time with the music !

You could make a band with your family and all play your shakers together !

Have fun !











                                                 Thursday 21st January
Today I would like you make some animal pictures using shapes.
Collect some items from around your house that you can draw around to make circles, like a cup ,an egg cup or a small bowl.
First have a go at drawing a mouse. 
Draw around a small circle for the head, then a bigger circle for the body. Add 2 small circles for ears, then add eyes, a mouth ,a nose, whiskers, teeth and a tail.
Now add some paws.








Now do the same thing again to draw a cat ,only this time draw triangles for the ears and the nose and no teeth!
Make his paws a little longer too-a bit like sausages ! 








Look carefully at your pictures. 
Let’s do some counting :
How many legs do the animals have?
How many eyes ?
How many ears ?
How many circles and triangles can you see ?
Have a go at writing some numbers .









                                                       Friday 22nd January
Today I would like you to read a new poem with your grown up.
Moving Animals

Can you crawl like a mouse 
In to your house ?
Can you creep like a cat 
Well fancy that!
Can you run like a dog
And jump like a frog?
Can you swish your tail 
Like a big blue whale?
Now curl up tight in to a ball
And try not to move anything at all!


Can you move like the animals in the poem whilst your grown up reads it to you?





What sound does “dog” begin with?





What sound does “cat” begin with?





What sound does “mouse” begin with?


Now have a go at writing some sounds. 


Have a lovely weekend !










Our Class


Miss Plank         

Class teacher         



Our Learning


In FS1 we learn through play and love to explore our learning environment both inside and outside. We are creative and learn together with our friends in imaginative ways.


Here are some of the things we have been doing:


He’s got the whole world in His hands

Still image for this video
FS1 have been learning this song in RE to celebrate God’s wonderful world. We were very excited to record it and have watched it lots of times already!

Remembrance 2020

Our big question...

What is yellow?

We will be talking about all of the things around us that are yellow! We will also look at the other colours and talk about how they make us feel. We will explore different coloured food and find out which colour we like the most!


The children will be exploring this big question through all areas of our curriculum. Here are some of our exciting activities:


Reading stories about colours- Which story is your favourite? 







We will be tasting different coloured food- which colour do you like best?




Exploring the arrival of spring- what spring colours can you see?








The Way The Truth and The Life




In RE we will be exploring the Holy Family, and in particular, Jesus' relationship with His Mother Mary. We will also be exploring our own relationship with Jesus and thinking of ways we can help others as Jesus did. 




The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)


We love to share stories in FS1 and the children enjoy choosing their own books and spending time in our reading den. We read stories together every day as a class and the children also take home a book to share with their families. This half term our story time books will include: 















Nursery Rhymes


We sing nursery rhymes and songs every day in FS1 and the children all have their favourite rhyme! We always join in with different actions and sometimes even add in our own verses. Here are some of the rhymes and songs we will be learning this half term:



I Can Sing a Rainbow


We will be learning to count to 10 in order and begin to  count up to 5 objects. We will be focussing on a different number to 5 each week, practising writing it too! We will also be looking for different patterns in the world around us. 


Have a go at some of these mathematics games: