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Foundation Stage 2

Wednesday 1st April- Daily Prayer

Click on the PowerPoint above for the prayer for today.

Click on the PowerPoint above for the prayer for today. 1


Welcome to Foundation Stage 2


Hello FS2! I hope you are all well.

Please find below your home learning tasks for next week. If you have any questions and/or would like to share your work, please contact me on

I look forward to hearing from you all and seeing all your hard work. 

Keep in touch, Mrs Corr :) 


SPRING 2 Homework Challenges 

Can you earn 10 saves this half term?

Maths  - Addition and Subtraction 

Create a game you could play with a friend that involves addition and subtraction.  It could be a board game, a card game….BE CREATIVE!

You must be able to explain how to play with a friend - perhaps you could add some instructions! 





Science - How to successfully grow a beanstalk

Create an information ‘pack’ to help someone grow their very own beanstalk.

Think about what they will need and the steps they will need to take.


Think about ways you could present this information….a poster, a leaflet, a book….BE CREATIVE!


REMEMBER I am looking for children who try their best to write their information on their own. This might be simple sentences or key words/labels. 



RE - Easter

Design an Easter Egg to show the importance of Easter and Jesus’ life - could you make this 3D?

Write atleast 2 sentences to go alongside your design to explain why Easter is such a special time. 




Passport to the World - Japan




Learning through play


The children in FS2 love exploring, solving problems, being imaginative and working with their friends.


Please keep an eye out for our updated slideshow throughout the year to see what we get up to!  

Regular Updates!


Please remember to take a look and interact with our school Twitter page @StSavioursPri


In FS2 we try and share our learning throughout the week as there is often so much going on!


 The Big Question


What's at the top of the beanstalk?





All our learning will be based on our big question. 


Some of the exciting activities we have planned include:


Planting different beans and making comparisons


Looking after plants


Visitng a garden centre


Spring walks 



The Way The Truth and The Life


Sorrow and Joy




During our topic, 'Sorrow and Joy', we will be focusing on the following main teachings:



Understand that we should try to be kind and not hurt others and reflect on ways to be kind and helpful to others.

Learn to say sorry when we hurt someone and ask Jesus to help us to do this.

Know that Jesus forgave those who hurt him and be aware that we can forgive other people when they hurt us.

Know that Jesus died on Good Friday but that was not the end and to be aware that Good Friday is a sad and happy day for us.

Extra Curricular Activities

This half term the children will experience the following activities:


A visit to a garden centre


Fairtrade fortnight - making beans on toast


Spring walks 



Hatching chicks








Please keep an eye on the newsletter each week for more information!

Reading / Phonics 


Phonics is an extremely important aspect of learning in FS2.


We follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme which you are able to access online for additional information. 



Spring 2 focus



We will focus on applying all the Phase 2 and 3 sounds. We will use these to segment and blend more advances words for reading and writing. 


Phase 4 - reading CCVC and CVCC word e.g. frog and hand



Useful games (just click on each picture):


Buried Treasure - practise reading real and nonsense words.












Pick a Picture - match the word to the picture.














We learn to segment words:


d   -  o  -  g 


and blend them back together to make a word 





Tricky Words

You can't sound these words out - you just need to know them.






This halt term we will be focusing on:

  • Counting backwards from 20 confidently
  • Using objects to subtract
  • Consolidating one more and one less
  • Recognising addition ad subtraction claculations 


Shape, Space and Measure

This half term we will be focusing on:

  • Measuring time in simple ways
  • Using everyday langauge related to time 
  • Using language related to money


Useful games to play at home:

Click on the picture to play the game. 














Please remember!


Please remember to read every night with your child(ren).


Even if your child is not reading fluently yet, it is important that you dedicate 10 minutes each evening to sit down and read their school book with them.


This might include asking questions about the front cover, talking about the pictures, making predications about what might happen next and modelling how to follow the words whilst reading.




Image result for reading quotes

Practise your key words, number recognition and shape names by clicking on the power points below.