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Miss Grant - Lead Teaching Assistant 

Miss Owens - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Price - Teaching Assistant

Hello Everyone!

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Hello from Miss Grant!

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Unfortunately, due to the most recent government guidance our Nursery will only be open to the children of Key Workers and Vunerable children. During this time Miss Grant will be available to contact if you do need any support/advice regarding your child's learning at home.

Please contact Miss Grant

using the email address below:





During Spring 2 our

Big Question is:



'What's at the top of the Beanstalk?'


Some of our activities this term will be based around several focus books:


· Jack and the Beanstalk

. Jasper's Beanstalk

. The Tiny Seed

. The Enormous Turnip 


Please keep your eyes on our class pages for activities and learning opportunity ideas to try at home. 


Thank you for your continued support.

Stay at home & Stay safe. 



Daily Activities




Monday 1st March 
Today I would like you to read 
“Jasper’s Beanstalk,” by Nick Butterworth & Mick Inkpen. 



Here is the YouTube link: 

Hope you enjoyed it!

What did Jasper plant in his garden?
What did you think the bean would grow in to?
Why did he water the bean?
Do you know why he picked up all the slugs and snails?
What did Jasper use the trowel for?
Why did he look sad near the end of the story ?
Can you tell your grown up what is happening in this picture?


Can you draw a short beanstalk, then a taller one, then an even taller one ?
Jasper looked for giants when his beanstalk grew .
What would you like to find at the top of a beanstalk?
Can you draw a picture of what you would like to find?
I would like to find a beautiful, sparkly rainbow like this!


In the story Jasper does different things on each day of the week.
Can you remember our “Days of the Week” song?
It is sung to the tune of “The Adams family.”





Tuesday 2nd March
Today I would like you to do some counting.

How many snails can you see?



How many watering cans are there? 


How many spades can you count?



How many Jaspers are standing in a row?


How many flowers can you see?


Are there more spades or more Jaspers?
Are there more watering  cans or more snails ?

Now let’s count some beans.
Can you put the correct number of beans in to numbered pots like this?






If you don’t have any pots, you could use cups or bowls and ask your grown up to write the numbers on a square of paper and put it next to the cup or bowl.
If you don’t have any beans, you could use counters or lego blocks to count with.

Peas grow in pods just like beans.

Here is a rhyme for you to learn.






Wednesday 3rd March 
Today we are going to learn how seeds grow in to flowers.

Look at the picture below.



Can you show your grown up where the roots, stem, flower and leaves are?
Do you know what the roots do ?
They help the flower to stand up and take water from the soil to help the flower grow. 
Many flowers grow from seeds.
Like this:




First they grow into a shoot then the leaves grow , then the bud comes and finally opens up into a flower. Do you know what they need to grow?
Let’s read a poem about it .



Do you know the answer now ?
It’s the sunshine

And the rain.


Now can you draw some flowers?
Don’t forget the stem and the leaves!






Colour them with lots of bright colours, or paint them.





Thursday 4th March 
Today we are going to learn about gardening. 
In our story this week, Jasper used lots of different tools in the garden.



Have a look at the items below.




We use them all in the garden. 
Do you know what we use these things for? 
Which tool do we dig with? 
Why do we wear wellies in the garden?
What do you think the tool which looks like scissors is used for?
Why do we need a watering can?

Here is an exciting activity for you to try. You could dig for spaghetti worms!



Maybe you could help your grown up do some gardening.
Here is a list of jobs you could do:
Tidy up the leaves
Do some weeding 
Help to water any flowers.


Now here is one of Mrs Bennett's favourite songs all about a worm !
Hope you enjoy singing it! 



All your teachers are really looking forward to seeing you back at school on 


Have a lovely weekend !


























Christmas in Nursery! 

We were very lucky to have our very own Christmas tree in Nursery this year and the children loved making their own salt dough decorations to make the tree look pretty! We used rolling pins to flatten the dough and then chose our own shaped cutters to make different shaped decorations! We then used (lots) of glitter and paint to make them look fabulous for our Christmas Tree! 



Waffle is our school dog! He is a fun-loving Cockerpoo with lots of energy and the children treat him like he's their own. He has helped lots of our Nursery children to settle in during the Autumn Term and he is always around to make us smile! 

If you would like to see some of the adventures Waffle has been going on, please visit our 'Waffle' page on the children's section of the website, where you will find a special message along with some very cute pictures!

We love story time!



We provide lots of opportunities for the children to enjoy stories throughout the day. Our favourite books are displayed for the children to access independently during their busy time and they love to look at the pictures with their friends,

talking about what they can see! 


Every afternoon we have a whole class story time before the children return home along with the rest of the school. 






Nursery rhymes


Nursery rhymes are a fantastic way of building your child's vocabulary and language skills. Children love to learn actions to go with their songs so why not try making up your own as you go along! 

In Nursery we are learning to use Makaton signs, particularly  when we sing. Makaton is a sign language which was created to be used alongside spoken language, in order to promote communication and language development in babies and young children. 

Here are some of the songs and actions that we have been learning.  


 BaaBaa Black Sheep 


Three Little Monkeys 


The wheels on the Bus