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Seacombe Bank and Sutton Stores

Seacombe Bank and Sutton Stores are open for business every break and lunch time. They are managed by our Bank and Shop Managers, Grace Jones, Daisy Jones and Paige Adamson and Assistant Managers, Nevaeh Dodd, Gracie Hurworth and Szymon Gorecki. The managers have a team of cashiers who help them each day.

Every child from FS1 to Year 6 has a bank account and children can earn 'Saves' in many different ways for example:

  • Entering the homework challenges
  • 100% attendance for a half term 
  • Spellings and arithmetic tests all correct each week
  • Representing the school in any way
  • Being on the winning 'tree' each week. 
  • They can also earn a special reading 'Save' when they have read five times at home and their red reading record book has been signed. 

When children earn their Saves they can then bank them in Seacombe Bank. Once they have earned enough, they can go shopping in Sutton Stores. 

Some children like to spend their Saves and buy small items for 3 Saves. Other children like to Save up for longer to purchase a larger item some of which can be as much as 40 or 50 Saves !

Seacombe Bank 

Seacombe Bank is a beautiful place to store all of your well earned saves, and you get to see Waffle in the prayer garden as part of your visit! Our school bank is a place where you can put your saves and keep them there whilst you save up for something you want from the shop.

Our lovely bank cashiers will greet you on arrival before finding your name in our records. We have a rota throughout the week so that your saves will always arrive safely into your account; you can either deposit or withdraw your saves. 

To ensure everything goes right on different days, you will have either your bank manager or assistant bank manager in the bank along with our cashiers to ensure that nothing can go wrong, and our customers are happy with their visit.

Sutton Stores

Sutton Stores is located outside the year 6 classroom, and is currently run by pupils in both years five and six. Our roles include: a manager, an assistant manager and cashiers,  who all work hard every school day in the shop. On a set day of each week different classes (from FS1 all the way up to year six) are given an opportunity to visit the shop to spend the saves they have earned.

Together we work hard to ensure the shop is a fantastic place for the customer. We ensure the shelves are stocked so that all children can buy items they would like using the saves they have earned through hard work in school. In the shop you can buy a variety of items of your choice including: stationery, books and a large selection of toys. Through our shop we aim to help children to learn the value of money, how to look after it, and see what good can come from working hard by getting themselves the rewards that they would like.