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Science Challenge

'The neck bone connected to the head bone.'


See the source image


Our body is incredible and is made up of many different bones, organs and systems!

It has many different parts.....knee bone connected to the thigh bone!


Maybe you could create and label me a picture of a skeleton showing the different parts?

You might want to draw around yourself and label your features like your hands, feet, nose etc.


Can you tell me about a specific system in your body or focus on the small yet important teeth?

See the source image


You could even create a quiz about the names and parts of the body!


You might want to find out about a specific organ like the heart or brain and tell be all about it for example why it is important.


I would love some creative ideas that show all the information that you have found!


Please hand to Mrs Salisbury by Monday 21st October


See the source image