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Maths Homework Challenge Spring Half Term

Mathematics Homework Challenge Spring Half Term

Literacy Challenge Spring 1 

This half term we have looked at story writing. There are stories about everything you can imagine!

We would like you to write your own story. You may like to read your favourite story and retell it in your own words. Your story must have a beginning, middle and an end.

Can you try and describe the any characters that are in your story?

Can you try and describe any places that your story is set?

We can’t wait to read all the exciting stories you have been writing.

Good Luck!                      






Science Challenge Spring 1

This half term you have looked at all the different season that we have throughout the year. I would like you to pick your favourite season. I would like you tell me why it is your favourite. What do you do in that season to make it the best season? What months are in that season? What weathers do we have in that season? What clothes do we have to wear in that?

You could create a poster, a fact file, you can paint, draw, or use any materials you have to show which is your favourite season.




RE Homework Challenge Spring 1

We are learning all about families and celebrations. What celebrations do you have in your family? How do you celebrate with your family? Can you draw a picture of your family celebrating a very special moment. Can you then write how you have celebrated it and who you have celebrated it with?

You can paint, draw, use any different materials you may have to create your family celebrating a special moment.

If you have a Bible at home, see if you can find the any stories that are celebrating special moments.





Passport to the World 

Our Country this term is Chile. Can you research this country and find out lots of information? You might like to create a poster, some writing or fact file about the beautiful country Chile. 




Spring 1


Big Question - What Happens Next?


We are very excited to start learning all about What Happens Next? We will be looking at differnet types of weather through georgaphy, art and music. Wel also be looking at the human and physical geography of Ellesmere port and see how it has changed over the years.

In science we will be learning all about seasons and which month is in what season and what the weather is like. In RE we are looking at our families and different celebrations we may celebrate. We are going to take a look at what celebrations take place in the church and how they are celebrated.




Please check the coloured sticker on your reading record for your spelling group. 


Please can you email in any homework that your children complete to the office. 


Please email your homework to or

Read, Read, Read!!



Please read every night with a grown up at home and ask them to sign your book.







In Literacy this term we will be looking at lots of different stories. We will be look at the different characters and how to describe them with adjectives. We will aslo be looking at where the book is set and how to describe them. Over the term we are going to be re-writing some of our stories in our own words.



'Phonics is a way of teaching children to learn to read quickly and skillfully.' DoE 2013. 


We are working hard to learn all our different phonic sounds. The children will be bringing home sound mats, words and games to support their learning in a fun way.


Please encourage the children to use these as often as possible.


We use 'alien words' each day to practise segmenting and blending sounds. These words are made up and really make us think about the sounds that we can see. 





Here is a list of all the spellings the children in year 1 should know.




In numeracy this half term we will be learning about number, addition and subtraction time and measuring, We will also developing our problem solving skills. 




Number pairs

Play the number bonds game by bursting bubbles that make pairs to 10 or 20. You have to be fast!



Mental Maths


Play 'Hit the Button' to answer questions as quickly as possible. Have fun!