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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Autumn Term 

Our Big Question this term is ...

Does Everything Change?





Year 1 have been celebrating Diwali in class this week. We designed and made rangoli patterns using pens and sand.

We enjoyed our Harry Potter themed quidditch match.

Autumn 2 Homework Challenges 

Literacy Homework


This half term, Year 1 will be reading and writing stories about toys.

For your homework I would like you to plan and write your own story about your favourite toy.  

Make sure your story has a beginning, middle and end and that a problem or event happens in your story to make it interesting. Remember to think about the main characters, setting (where the story happens) and try to include interesting descriptions and story language in your writing.

Think creatively about how you present your work and try to include illustrations.


Maths Homework- Time Challenges


What can you do in 1 minute? Use a timer or stopwatch to time yourself.

How many times can you write your name?

How many star jumps can you do?

Sing Happy Birthday?

How many times can you throw and catch your favourite teddy?

How many times can you skip using a skipping rope?

How many times can you stretch up high and touch your toes?

Draw a face?

Build a tower of 20 cubes?

Can you investigate other things that you can do in 1 minute?  


Science Homework

Materials - design an umbrella for your favourite teddy bear.


Put your bear in a pot or bucket.

Choose a material to test.

Place it on top of the pot and secure it with an elastic band.

Drop water onto the material and watch closely.

Write down the results of the test.

Do the test again using a different material.

What have you found out after doing this experiment?

If you were going to do the experiment again what would you do differently?


RE Create an Advent kindness calendar

Create a calendar to open each day during Advent with kind acts or ideas of helpful things you can do to get your heart ready for Jesus’ birthday during Advent e.g. help tidy your bedroom, give someone in your family a hug, read a story to your little brother or sister, say something kind to someone, help make the tea.  

You could make your calendar colourful by using bright colours and pictures. Why not try to make a 3D calendar to display your Advent ideas?

Passport to the world country:


Research facts about the country Nepal and display your ideas creatively.


Weekly Homework 

Please check your child's red reading diary to find out their correct spelling group. 


Please can you email in any homework that your children complete to the office. 


Please email your homework to or

Colour mixing. Year 1 have been learning about mixing primary and secondary colours in our art sessions.

Read, Read, Read!!



Please read every night with a grown up at home and ask them to sign your book.







In Literacy this term we will be looking at lots of different stories. We will be look at the different characters and how to describe them with adjectives. We will aslo be looking at where the book is set and how to describe them. Over the term we are going to be re-writing some of our stories in our own words.



'Phonics is a way of teaching children to learn to read quickly and skillfully.' DoE 2013. 


We are working hard to learn all our different phonic sounds. The children will be bringing home sound mats, words and games to support their learning in a fun way.


Please encourage the children to use these as often as possible.


We use 'alien words' each day to practise segmenting and blending sounds. These words are made up and really make us think about the sounds that we can see. 





Here is a list of all the spellings the children in year 1 should know.


Number pairs

Play the number bonds game by bursting bubbles that make pairs to 10 or 20. You have to be fast!



Mental Maths


Play 'Hit the Button' to answer questions as quickly as possible. Have fun!