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Year 2

Welcome to Year Two!


Autumn Term 2021

Our big question this term is...

How is it made?

As part of this topic, year two will learn all about the Great Fire of London, properties of materials and capital cities.



Take a look at the photos below,

what would you like to know about the Great Fire of London?




London's burning- a year 2 remake!

Still image for this video

A visit from the fire engine!


Please find phonics/spelling and arithmetic homework attached here every Friday. Please make sure you are practising these at home each day to help you learn.

Remember, if you get full marks on your spellings and arithmetic, you will earn a save for each!

If you have any questions regarding homework, and to return any completed homework, please contact the school office at where it will be passed onto myself. Thank you!

Autumn 2 Homework Challenges 

Remember, for every homework challenge you enter, you will receive a whopping THREE saves! And, if I can tell you have worked super hard on a challenge, you might even earn some leaves too! 



Throughout this term we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London.

Can you write a short story of what happened during the fire?

I would like to see full sentences with capital letters and full stops and some really exciting words such as crackled and roared to make your story extra exciting to read! 




In science we are investigating waterproof materials.

Can you carry out a mini experiment to find some waterproof things in your home?

Be careful though! We don't want to break anything which isn't allowed to get wet so you will need an adult to help you with this challenge!





In maths we have explored lots of different 3D shapes including pyramids, prisms, cubes, cuboids and spheres. Can you find anything in your environment which is one of these shapes? 

You can carry out this experiment at home, in the park, when out on a walk or anywhere else you choose!
You can record your answers with photographs and then write down the name of the shape or create a table to write what you have found.



We will be learning all about God's incredible mysteries and one of the biggest mysteries of all is heaven.

When you imagine heaven, what do you think it will look like?

I would like you to create a beautiful piece of artwork which shows what heaven looks like to you. Remember to be as creative as you can be! You could may a 3D model out of playdough or any other resources, you could draw and paint or colour or you could craft something in any other creative way.



Passport to the world




Please try to make your work as creative as possible! Miss Burrows and I would love to see some 3D entries this half term.





Reading in Year 2 

In year 2 we are starting to think more deeply about texts we read and answer some questions to show our understanding. 


Remember please read every night at home and ask an adult to sign your red reading diary. 

Can you answer some questions and explain why and how some things happen in a story? 

Can you predict what might happen later in the book and give a good reason why you think that? 

Can you tell someone your own opinion about what you are reading? 




Have you joined the local library ? Below is the link to the library. Take a look, go and visit and join up !!



Please keep reading! 

Follow the link below to read free eBooks online on the Oxford Owl library:




We are learning all about how to add and subtract two digit numbers using exchanging!


Click on the links below to play some maths games!



Addition without exchanging

Adding with exchanging

Have a go at completing your own addition questions.




This half term, we will be exploring the book Vlad and the Great Fire of London.


The children in year 2 will be working really hard to describe settings and retell the story making it their own. To make our stories very exciting, we will be using new, creative vocabulary and lots of conjunctions (when, if, that, because).

Religious Education

In RE this half term, year two will be learning all about God's incredible mysteries. 

We will focus on exploring our own curiosities and questions about God.

Sing! Sing! Sing!    

Sing Up at Home 

If you enjoy singing and would like to learn a new song, follow the below link to visit the Sing Up at Home page. There will be a  new song uploaded with a performance track and backing track each week and pointers and tips of how to sing the song successfully. 

Good luck and happy singing!



If you would like to see some of the adventures Waffle has been going on, please go to our 'Waffle' page on the children section of the website where you will find a special message along with some pictures!

Photos from earlier in the year.

Working together to solve sequences.

Exploring different materials in our school environment.

Exploring different textures in art.

Using drama to plan new stories, inspire new ideas and help us learn!