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Year 2

Welcome to Year Two

                                     Feliz ano nuevo

Happy New Year !




The Way The Truth The Life

Good News

Jesus brought good news to lots of people. 

We will read some of the stories from The Bible which tell us about some Good News Jesus brought to people. 

Look at the picture below. 


What do you think has happened to the man on the stretcher?


Why is there a hole in the roof? 


Who do you think is helping the man? 


We will be finding out the answers to these questions this term! 




























 This term, we are reading books linked to nature and wildlife . 

You will be learning to write sentences using : 

adjectives    (  beautiful, smooth, clever, hard, crinkly, shiny )


adverbs    ( slowly, carefully, sneakily, fast, gently, quickly )


conjunctions ( but, so, because, and, while ) 

Have a go at writing some sentences using some adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions.


These are some of the books we will be reading and using for our Literacy work.








Reading in Year 2 

In year 2 we are starting to think more deeply about texts we read and answer some questions to show our understanding. 


Remember please read every night at home and ask an adult to sign your red reading diary. 

Can you answer some questions and explain why and how some things happen in a story? 

Can you predict what might happen later in the book and give a good reason why you think that? 

Can you tell someone your own opinion about what you are reading? 




Have you joined the local library ? Below is the link to the library. Take a look, go and visit and join up !!





Please make sure that you read each day at home.




Can you remember using Deines Blocks to add and subtract 2 digit numbers ? 


We will be practising more of these and then thinking about different ways to show our answers.


Think of a two digit number like 42. How many different ways could you show this number? 

You could write it in numerals  42

You could write it in words  forty two

You could draw it  oooooooooo





You could use it in a calculation  40 + 2 = 42

                                    10+10+10+ 10 + 2= 42

                           70 - 38 = 42

You could show it with bundles of straws or sticks.


Try this activity with lots of different two digit numbers. 


Looking at Fractions. 

Can you fold different shaped paper to make equal parts? try a square and a rectangle.  How many equal parts do you make ?  What about a circle? 


Explain to an adult how you know they are equal parts .

Try this problem: 

I had a whole pizza and now only this amount is left .

How much of my pizza has been eaten? Explain your answer. You could try and draw the whole pizza and show how I cut it into equal parts.


During our arithmetic sessions we will be focusing on the two, five and ten times table. Please ensure that you learn these at home and complete your arithmetic home work.




Click on the links below to play some maths games!


















Is It Natural ?