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Year 2

Wednesday 1st April- Daily prayer

Click on the PowerPoint above for the prayer of the day.

Click on the PowerPoint above for the prayer of the day. 1

Welcome to Year Two

                                 Welcome to Spring Term 2 

Hello everyone !! Welcome to our on line learning for year 2. I hope you are all okay at home and ready to follow the tasks I have set for the week ahead. Use the timetable to help you plan each day. 

If you want to ask me any questions or send me examples of your work please email me 


I look forward to hearing from you !!

Enjoy your weekend .

Mrs McKay 




Weekly Timetable

Weekly Specific Tasks for Year 2 Week Beginning 30th March

supporting material for Monday 30th March

supporting material for Wednesday 1st April

Supporting material for Thursday 2nd April

Supporting materials for Friday 3rd April

      Year 2 Homework Challenges 


We are learning about fractions this half term. Your homework challenge is to think of as many different ways you can represent these fractions:

one half

one quarter

one third

2 quarters

2 thirds

You could draw different shapes shaded in pictures ,or show the fraction as an amount eg one half of 10 balls is 5    a third of 6 apples is 2. 

You can show the fractions as numbers or write your own fraction number story. 

Mrs McKay had 30 children in the class. a third of them went for an early lunch - how many children were left in class? 







You Literacy Challenge this half term is to think of a costume you can wear to represent your 'word' on Thursday 5th March for World Book Day. Remember - don't tell anyone what your word is and we will try and guess on Thursday !





  This half term we will be learning what plants needs to grow and survive. Try planting a seed at home. Look after it and then show in any way you like, what you do to look after it and what happens to your plant . For example, you make like to draw pictures or take photographs each week, or make a chart and fill it in or make a book with diagrams and explanations. You could work on the computer or just prepare a short spoken presentation. It would also be good to bring in your plant at the end of half term to show how it has grown.

If you need any seeds, we might have some spare in school. Just ask Mrs McKay.



 The time leading up to Easter is called Lent. It is a special time for us to try and become closer to God and work hard at doing the right thing. Prayer is a way of becoming closer to God. Can you make a small prayer card for yourself ( or a family member or friend) and make up a special prayer to help people come closer to God during Lent. Think of the difficulty of not being tempted to do the wrong thing and also how God's love always forgives us when we do something we shouldn't. Decorate your prayer card and if you would like it laminated, just ask Mrs McKay. She can do this in school for you. 



Passport To The World


      The country for Yr 2 this half term is Bolivia 



The Way The Truth The Life


The Mass

This half term we will be learning more about The Mass and how going to Mass can bring us closer to God. 

We will learn about the different parts of the Mass and think about why the priest uses certain objects throughout the Mass. 

Do you know what these are : 

A Lectionary ? 

A host ? 

The Chalice ? 

Vestments ?

A Tabernacle ? 

Try and find out and look out for them next time you are at Mass

The very first Mass was called the Last Supper. We will find out what happened at the Last Supper and look at different pictures of it . 

Here is a  picture of the Last Supper. 





























 This term, we are reading books linked to nature and wildlife . 

You will be learning to write sentences using : 

adjectives    (  beautiful, smooth, clever, hard, crinkly, shiny )


adverbs    ( slowly, carefully, sneakily, fast, gently, quickly )


conjunctions ( but, so, because, and, while ) 

Have a go at writing some sentences using some adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions.


These are some of the books we will be reading and using for our Literacy work.








Reading in Year 2 

In year 2 we are starting to think more deeply about texts we read and answer some questions to show our understanding. 


Remember please read every night at home and ask an adult to sign your red reading diary. 

Can you answer some questions and explain why and how some things happen in a story? 

Can you predict what might happen later in the book and give a good reason why you think that? 

Can you tell someone your own opinion about what you are reading? 




Have you joined the local library ? Below is the link to the library. Take a look, go and visit and join up !!





Please make sure that you read each day at home.






Can you remember using Deines Blocks to add and subtract 2 digit numbers ? 


We will be practising more of these and then thinking about different ways to show our answers.


Think of a two digit number like 42. How many different ways could you show this number? 

You could write it in numerals  42

You could write it in words  forty two

You could draw it  oooooooooo





You could use it in a calculation  40 + 2 = 42

                                    10+10+10+ 10 + 2= 42

                           70 - 38 = 42

You could show it with bundles of straws or sticks.


Try this activity with lots of different two digit numbers. 


Looking at Fractions. 

Can you fold different shaped paper to make equal parts? try a square and a rectangle.  How many equal parts do you make ?  What about a circle? 


Explain to an adult how you know they are equal parts .

Try this problem: 

I had a whole pizza and now only this amount is left .

How much of my pizza has been eaten? Explain your answer. You could try and draw the whole pizza and show how I cut it into equal parts.


During our arithmetic sessions we will be focusing on the two, five and ten times table. Please ensure that you learn these at home and complete your arithmetic home work.




Click on the links below to play some maths games!


















Is It Natural ?