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Year 2

Welcome to Year Two


Your teachers are Mrs McKay and Mrs Hardstaff



The Way The Truth The Life

This Half Term we will be thinking about being

  Chosen By God 


Think about the gifts God has given you. You have been chosen especially by God and it is important that you use the gifts he has given you in a good way.  


God said: 

'I have called you my your name , you are mine.' ( Is 43:1)


Have a look at the pictures below. Do you know who any of the characters are ? They were all born a long time ago but were chosen by God to carry out special jobs and help people make a better world to live in. 


Abraham and Sarah


A baby called Moses




We will be finding out about these people and discovering what they did to help God. 

























  This half term all our Literacy texts will have a link to London ! Have you ever been to London? Do you know where it is? 

           Look on the map below. Ellesmere port is just below Liverpool. Can you see London? 





These are some of the books we will be reading and using for our Literacy work.





See if you can find out who Samuel Pepys was ?   What did he write and how is it linked to The Great Fore of London? 

                                 Here is a picture of Samuel Pepys.






Reading in Year 2 

In year 2 we are starting to think more deeply about texts we read and answer some questions to show our understanding. 


Remember please read every night at home and ask an adult to sign your red reading diary. 

Can you answer some questions and explain why and how some things happen in a story? 

Can you predict what might happen later in the book and give a good reason why you think that? 

Can you tell someone your own opinion about what you are reading? 




Have you joined the local library ? Below is the link to the library. Take a look, go and visit and join up !!





Please make sure that you read each day at home.




Can you remember using Deines Blocks to add and subtract 2 digit numbers ? 


We will be practising more of these and then thinking about different ways to show our answers.


Think of a two digit number like 42. How many different ways could you show this number? 

You could write it in numerals  42

You could write it in words  forty two

You could draw it  oooooooooo





You could use it in a calculation  40 + 2 = 42

                                    10+10+10+ 10 + 2= 42

                           70 - 38 = 42

You could show it with bundles of straws or sticks.


Try this activity with lots of different two digit numbers. 


Looking at Fractions. 

Can you fold different shaped paper to make equal parts? try a square and a rectangle.  How many equal parts do you make ?  What about a circle? 


Explain to an adult how you know they are equal parts .

Try this problem: 

I had a whole pizza and now only this amount is left .

How much of my pizza has been eaten? Explain your answer. You could try and draw the whole pizza and show how I cut it into equal parts.




Click on the links below to play some maths games!


















Where will my wellies take me ? 


We have started our Big Question this week with a mini beast hunt ! We were looking for living things in different areas of school. Have a look at the pictures and see if you can see what we found !



We looked closely and then carefully made drawings of the mini beasts. 

To finish, we chose colours carefully and applied a watercolour wash.


We enjoyed a workshop on up cycling where we learnt about how important it is to recycle materials where possible and look after our environment so all the animals and plants can live happily and safely. 

We made rainbow fish out of recycled materials



We started to grow an Amaryllis before Christmas. 

This is what it looked like .


Look at it now !


Jodie Flowers
We have use the technique of papier-mâché to begin to create our own 3-D sculptures of plants in our environment.



The children from year 2 have enjoyed it so much, they have asked for the recipe! They know to use newspaper and that a balloon is a good shape for them to begin their masterpiece! 

One part PVA, two parts water to make a paste. 


We Will be learning that there are seven continents and five oceans.





This half term we are talking about The weather


Weather - La clima
It is cold Hay frio / Hace frio
It is cool Hay fresco / Hace fresco
It is warm Hay calor / Hace calor
It is hot Hay calor / Hace calor







In music this half term we will be looking at the composer Hans Zimmer.


Please have a listen




Christopher Columbus and Jacques Cousteau





We will explore with the explorers Jacques Cousteau and Christopher Columbus!
We will investigate where they explored and what the conditions were like for them.  We will examine the route which they took and compared them.