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Arithmetic Homework - WC 25.01.21

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling List

Homework Challenges 



Amy went into her local stationery shop. Her mum had given her £2.50 to spend.


Amy liked the look of some luminous pens, which cost 15p each, and some fancy pencils, which cost 10p each. 


She bought four times as many pens as pencils and was given 40p change.

How many of each did she buy?



Watch the following clip: 


Using the clip above, write a set of instructions which outline the steps that the person on the clip took to create the painting. 


You will need to think about: 

1. The materials used by the artist

2. How the artist used these materials to create a 'cave painting'


Try to use imperative verbs and accompanying adverbs where possible. 

Religious Education



Read through the following scenarios: 


1. Noah is playing with a ball in the playground when an older pupil takes it away from him.

2. Someone laughed at Toby because he didn’t get anything right in the spelling test.

3. Somebody hit Jessica in the playground and called her a mean name.

4. No one will play with Oliver at playtime, even though he asked to join in the games. 

5. Emily spent a long time drawing a lovely picture but someone scribbled all over it.

6. Amelia is upset because her friends aren’t talking to her and she doesn’t know why.

7. Brian accidentally knocked over Christina whilst playing tag on the yard. 


Now rank these in order (with 1 being the easiest to forgive and 7 being the most difficult to forgive). 


Explain why you have ordered these in the way you have (i.e. why do you think that some wrongs are easier to forgive than others?)





Using the PowerPoint below, create a poster showing the forces you can see in your everyday life e.g. swings, door handles (push and pull), chair, tables standing still (gravity). Try to use diagrams and written text to explain how each force works in action. 

Passport to the World


Create a poster or fact file about Malaysia. You may wish to include the following information:


  • A drawing of the flag
  • Capital city
  • Population
  • Staple foods
  • Local customs and traditions 

Sing Up at Home 

If you enjoy singing and would like to learn a new song, follow the below link to visit the Sing Up at Home page. There will be a  new song uploaded with a performance track and backing track each week and pointers and tips of how to sing the song successfully. 

Good luck and happy singing!



If you would like to see some of the adventures Waffle has been going on, please go to our 'Waffle' page on the children section of the website where you will find a special message along with some pictures!

our Big Question for this term is...

Why do we adapt?


We are focusing on some of the key changes that took place in Britain between the Stone and Iron age. 

Religious Education 


We are deepening our understanding of God's unfailing love and forgiveness. 

Hail Mary Prayer


We are writing instructions on how to make tools and weapons used in the Stone Age. 




 Please read to a grown up every day and ask them to sign your book. Talk about what you like and dislike about the books you read, what your opinions are about the characters and events and make predictions about what you think will happen next. 

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Click on the image below to play 'Spooky Spellings'.


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We are applying our understanding of written and mental methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in problem-solving contexts.  

We used number lines to count up in multiples of 4

Year 3 enjoying their metric measurements game outside

Click on the image below to play more times tables games!

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A healthy body is a healthy mind!

Keep active at home.

Join in with Joe Wicks 



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We will be learning basic Spanish greetings.

Listen to the songs below to learn some Spanish phrases and vocabulary!


Buena suerta!


See the source image




"Days of the Week" in Spanish (sing-along song)

Sing-along to the Days of the Week in Spanish / Los días de la semana!

Learn the Months of the Year in Spanish Song