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Create a booklet about your favourite author.

Research facts about the author and record the facts in your own sentences. You could draw the front cover of your favourite book by this author. You could create a a summary of your favourite book by this author or you could write a retell of your favourite chapter! 



Generate your own question so that you can collect data and record it in a table. Can you then create a bar chart or line graph (depending on what data you have gathered) to present the data clearly? 

You could find out 'favourite meals' of the people who live with you and then you could help a grown-up to cook the most popular meal. 

You may want to find out your family's favourite 'family game' or 'family time event'. You could then play the most popular family game or do the most popular family time event!



Investigate the appliances that use electricity in your home. Are they powered by mains electricity or battery powered. 

What is your most important electrical appliance in the house? Why is it important to you? What would life without this appliance be like for you?

Now ask an adult!- What is the most important electrical appliance in the house? Why is it important to you? What would life be like without this appliance?



In his letter to primary schools in the Shrewsbury Diocese, Bishop Mark challenges us to take care of our world through the choices we make in our homes, school, parish and local community. Below, you will find a link to this letter.  


The RE homework challenge for this half term is to take a photo of something you are doing as a family to look after our common home. Examples may include recycling materials correctly, reducing food waste, not wasting water, switching the lights off and thinking about the way you travel to school to name a few.  


Please could photos be emailed to the school office before the end of the school year - we look forward to seeing what you have been up to! 




'The Early Christians'



We will learn that Peter was made head of the Church and that the Church began at Pentecost. There will be a focus on the Ascension and what this meant for the apostles. We will learn about what happened at Pentecost and think about what the Holy Spirit is able to do. We will be exploring the fruits of the Holy Spirit and how we can help them to grow within us. We will also be learning about people such as Stephen and Saul. 




Collective Worship led by children in Y4




Please read every day at home and ask an adult to sign your diary.  

Remember to bring your reading diary into school every day. 



Click on the image below. This will take you to the Oxford Owl website with free library eBooks. You may need to ask an adult to register for you and you can select eBooks to listen to or read on your computer or tablet. 



What makes a star?


During this term we will be exploring the foundation subjects through our big question 'What makes a star?' We will be learning all about the 1980's from fashion, food, transport, lifestyle and entertainment. We will be finding out more about 1980's artists and listening to music from this era. We will be learning about the coal mines in Britain and the role that Margaret Thatcher played during the 1980's. 

In Science, we will be learning about electricity and sound. We will use our knowledge of electricity to design and make a camping lantern in design and technology lessons. Children will also be created and editing their own musical compositions in computing!


Click on the images to find out more interesting facts. 









80s Greatest Hits

Do you recognise any of the songs? Can you name any of the artists?

Times tables!


Please practise your times tables every day so that you can recall answers quickly and accurately.

You need to know up to 12X12! 


Click on the image below to play times tables games. 


Spelling games


Click on the word below to play some spelling and word games.


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Advent December 2020

Remembrance November 2020

We have been exploring our local habitat October 2020

AmaSing concert Oct 2020

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes- AmaSing!

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Praise assembly