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Please enjoy exploring our page where you will find information about what we are learning about and some pictures of us achieving our goals. 



York 2022



  • Passport to the world-  Papa New Guinea
  • Daily reading
  • Homework challenges 
  • Daily spelling and arithmetic (see weekly work attached below)
  • Instrument practice (Friday)
  • PE - This term PE will be on a Monday and Thursday  



This week please take alook at all the spellings and times tables we have learnt over the last school year. I will test you on Friday the 29th April on a selection of different words and times tables.

Homework challenges!



This term I would like you create a new character that is similar to the character of Iron Man. Can you write a description using different openers, complex sentences, brackets, commas and dashes.





This term we are looking at Fractions - can you create your fraction wall to help you find a fraction of a number, an item that you you use round the house or food that you would like to share with your friends or families. Can you take photos of your self sorting out the different fraction you have found.






Religious Education



This term in RE we are looking at Reconciliation . I would like you think about different ways that we are truley sorry for what we have done. How can we show this? What can we do to show God that we are truley sorry for all our sins. Can you think of as many ways to show that you are truley sorry for all the our sins. Be as creative as you like to display this.

The Lost Son Returns I Stories of God I Animated Children´s Bible Stories| Holy Tales Bible Stories

The Lost Son Returns is an animated children´s Bible story about the parable of two sons. One who could not wait but lost his fortune. Upon his return his fa...







In science we are looking at the Animals and Humans. We are looking at the way a human devlops from a baby into an adult. We will be comparing the gestational periods between animals an humans.

I would like you to complete a time line of your life from when you where born to today. Can you write as many of the major milestones you have met along the way e.g. when you first talked, when you walked, when you came to school, pandamics!



You can be as creative as you like with this one!



Passport to the world


Papa New Guinea

How can you show all the information that you have found out about Papa New Guineain a 3D way? Be as creative as you like and find out as much inforamtion about Papa New Guinea as you can.




Religious Education



“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”


“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”


“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”







Throughout year 5, we will be consolidating the four rules of number and will begin to deepen our understanding by solving a range of problems across different contexts. 





Literacy- This term we will be looking at Iron man. The children will also be exploring descriptive writing linked to the story of ‘The Iron Man’. Here, there will be a heavy focus on the use of different sentences structures to sustain reader interest and create perceptions.







This week in Year 5 we have the arrival of 11 eggs, which are currently sat in our incubator keeping nice and warm. We have been keeping an eye on them and making sure that they have enough water and are the correct temperature, so that they can hatch into chicks. The process will take up to 21 days. Look out for more pictures along the way.

Year 5 have had a lovely afternoon make Christmas decorations for our class tree. Take a look below and see if you can spot yours!

During Design and Technology lessons with Mr Christopher, Year 5 have designed and made a teachers tool kit box for all the bits they need. 

Teachers Toolkit

Year 5 learnt all about the story of Diwali story through a great dance work shop

Year 5 trip to Weaver Museum Victorian Workhouse.



Speed Guide to Short Division

Long multiplication in simple steps

Step-by-step guide to long multiplication



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