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Year 5

Wednesday 1st April- Daily prayer

Click on the PowerPoint above for the daily prayer for today.

Click on the PowerPoint above for the daily prayer for today. 1


Hello everyone !!


Welcome to our online learning for year 5. I hope you are all okay at home and ready to follow the tasks I have set for the week ahead. Use the timetable to help you plan each day. 


If you want to ask me any questions or send me examples of your work please email me 



I look forward to hearing from you !!


Enjoy your weekend.


Mr. Christopher

Children created their own computer games using 'Scratch'.

We conducted a series of tests to investigate reversible changes in Science

In Geography, children located different features using 6 figure grid references

Religious Education


We are currently learning about what the book of Genesis has to say about the formation of the world, its people and animals and the extent to which people are looking after the world as God’s stewards.

Picture 1

We acted out the Beatitudes in RE

Children creatd their own recycling facilities in an attempt to look after God's world



We are exploring the ways in which Roald Dahl uses language, contrast and punctuation to build up characters and settings in his ever famous book, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We explored sentence structure and the extent to which language influences meaning.

We discovered the power of storytelling whilst learning about the life of Roald Dahl



We are learning how to multiply and divide decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 so that we are able to convert between metric units of measurement.  




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