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Year 5





Imagine that you are teaching another person about mixed and improper fractions. Create a poster or video that:

  1. Explains the difference between a mixed and improper fraction using diagrams as visual aids
  2. Explains how to convert between mixed fractions into improper fractions and vice versa
  3. Provides some practical problem-solving examples to help the person apply their understanding



Write a newspaper report about a memorable event that has taken place in your life. You may, for example, wish to write about a family holiday, a sporting event or something else. When writing your report, remember to:

  • Think of a catchy headline (try to play on words)
  • A succinct opening paragraph that makes the reader want to read on
  • Include commas after fronted adverbials
  • Use paragraphs to structure the sequence of events
  • Provide a picture and accompanying caption (you may wish to print a photo if you have one)



Are parables just stories or is there more to them?


Select a parable of your choice and produce a piece of art which explains its meaning.


Here are a few parables to choose from (although you may wish to select one that isn’t listed below).


  • The Parable of the Lost Sheep
  • The Parable of the Rich Fool
  • The Parable of the Tenants
  • The Parable of the Mustard Seed
  • The Parable of the Good Samaritan



Describe and explain the life cycle of your favourite mammal, fish or bird. You will need to think about:

  1. The key stages of development and the changes that take place
  2. The habitat of the mammal, fish or bird
  3. Where the mammal, fish or bird sits within the food chain


Passport to the world

Create a fact file about a famous mountain in Switzerland. When writing the fact file, you need to include:

  1. The height of the mountain
  2. The location of the mountain
  3. Typical weather conditions (e.g. precipitation, temperature etc.)
  4. A diagram that outlines the different parts of the mountain.


Entries need to be handed into Mr. Christopher before Monday 10th February. 


Good luck :)





Our 'Big Question' for the Spring Term is:


'Are we alone?'


We conducted a series of tests to investigate reversible changes in Science

In Geography, children located different features using 6 figure grid references

Religious Education


We are currently learning about what the book of Genesis has to say about the formation of the world, its people and animals and the extent to which people are looking after the world as God’s stewards.

Picture 1

Children in Year 5 led an Advent-focused prayer trail in the hall

Children creatd their own recycling facilities in an attempt to look after God's world



We are exploring the ways in which Roald Dahl uses language, contrast and punctuation to build up characters and settings in his ever famous book, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We explored sentence structure and the extent to which language influences meaning.

We discovered the power of storytelling whilst learning about the life of Roald Dahl



We are learning how to multiply and divide decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 so that we are able to convert between metric units of measurement.  




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