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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

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Our Big Question this term is:


Are we at the edge of reason?



During the Summer term we will be exploring the coast and living things and their habitats.



How do you think our coasts are changing over time?

Do you think these changes are for better or worse and why?

How have habitats adapted because of these changes?




'The Transforming Spirit' 


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In RE we are exploring The Transforming Spirit.

The children will study and think about their own and others beliefs, and how this may impact our actions in today's world. We will be exploring the journey through Easter and Pentecost and the impact this had on the apostles. 






The Shakespeare Project


In literacy, as part of the Children's Shakespeare Project, we are currently studying The Tempest.


Through drama will be following a sea-faring story of ships and storms, spirits and monsters and of love and revenge. 


The Tempest






Throughout the year, year 6 will be considering the question below...



We will be focusing on applying their numeracy skills to solve reasoning and real life problems. Children will deepen their

understanding of the 4 operations and how they can be applied to the world around them. One brilliant way we will be using our mathematic skills every day will be when we are spending our saves in Sutton Stores or when we are saving up in Seacombe Bank!





Can you complete my tricky maths challenge? mail


The Moons of Vuvv

The planet of Vuvv has 7 moons which lie spread out on one plane in a great disc round it. These Vuvvian moons all have long and confusing names so scientists usually call them by their initials: A,B,C,D,E,F and G starting from the nearest one to the planet.

When two of these moons line up with the planet it is called a 'lunar eclipse'. When three line up with the planet it is called a 'double eclipse', when four do it is a 'triple eclipse' and so on. Once in a while all seven moons line up with the planet and this is called a 'super-eclipse'.

Moon A completes a cycle round the planet in one Vuvvian year, moon B takes two years, moon C takes three years, moon D takes four years and so on.

How long is it between each 'super-eclipse' on the planet of Vuvv?

Exploring our creativity in dance lessons 💃🕺🏼


Things to remember!


  • Wider opps is on a Friday morning
  • Spelling test is every Friday 
  • Read every day and remember to get your reading diaries signed


Don't forget to read every night and have your red books signed!


Want some extra practice?