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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Y6 homework challenges!


Create a survey of at least 30 people and record your finding in an appropriate table and chart/graph. 

E.g. you could ask them to vote for their favourite of a selection of sports such as football, basketball, netball and volleyball.

Once you have collected your results, present appropriately before calculating the mode, range and mean. 


Remember, be creative! 


All paper (including graph paper) is available in my room!



Pick an area of SPAG from the list below and create a poster (it might even go on display in our classroom to help others understand what it is too.


- The subjunctive

- determiners

- progressive/ perfect tense

- active and passive voice

- colons

- semi-colons



Electricity is an incredible thing and most of us use it in some way all day, every day!

This half term, we are studying circuits.


Can you create an inventive representation of a circuit and explain how it works? 

Make sure you use all the scientific language we are learning e.g. currents, cells  and volts.



Think of something you feel strongly about. It could be praying every night, going to church or even just having faith.  Create something to show people why this is so important to you or who God is to you.


Try to be as creative as possible. You could create an image, a 3D representation or something even more creative! You decide...


Passport to the world

This half term, our country is Ethiopia.




Our Big Question this term is:


How long will it last?



During the spring term we will be exploring light, electricity and sustainability. 



How does the number of volts impact a circuit?


How can we see the objects all around us?


What travels faster, light or sound and how to we know if we cannot see it?


Jesus, the bread of life




   In RE we are exploring how Jesus is the bread of life. We wrote some beautiful poems exploring who God is to us and why he is so special. 















In literacy, year 6 are currently looking at the story ‘The Selfish Giant’.


Through this unit of work, the children will be exploring the power of language and sentence structures to impact their readers. We will be writing narratives and formal letters.


Spellings will also be sent home weekly.











Throughout the year, year 6 will be considering the question below...



We will be focusing on applying their numeracy skills to solve reasoning and real life problems. Children will deepen their

understanding of the 4 operations and how they can be applied to the world around them. One brilliant way we will be using our mathematic skills every day will be when we are spending our saves in Sutton Stores or when we are saving up in Seacombe Bank!






Things to remember!


  • Wider opps is on a Friday morning
  • Check Edmodo everyday
  • Spelling test is every Friday 
  • Arithmetic test is every Friday
  • Read every day, and remember to get your reading diaries signed


Don't forget to read every night and have your red books signed!


Making Mayan pottery

Exploring the Mayans at Cadbury’s World.

Want some extra practice?