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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

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Our Big Question this term is:


Will we ever stop evolving?



During the Autumn term we will be exploring the life of the Mayans, our circulatory system and different theories of evolution. 



Why is our circulatory system so important? 

How have different theories about evolution altered what we know about the world today?

Can you see any similarities between how the Mayans lived and how we live today?




'The Kingdom of God'


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In RE we are exploring The Kingdom of God.

The children will explore the true meaning of God’s Kingdom and the values that it carries. We will be looking closely at the Parable of the mustard seed and how we can use our own gifts to support the mission on the kingdom.








In literacy, year 6 are currently looking at the story of Pompeii. Using their previous knowledge of volcanoes, the children will be looking at the power of imagery in creating dramatic descriptions to bring their stories to life. Alongside this, there will be a strong focus on the use of punctuation and a variety of sentence structures. (Keep practicing your relative clauses and fronted adverbials.)


And, don't forget to learn your spellings!











Throughout the year, year 6 will be considering the question below...



We will be focusing on applying their numeracy skills to solve reasoning and real life problems. Children will deepen their

understanding of the 4 operations and how they can be applied to the world around them. One brilliant way we will be using our mathematic skills every day will be when we are spending our saves in Sutton Stores or when we are saving up in Seacombe Bank!






Things to remember!


  • Wider opps is on a Friday morning
  • Swimming kits every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Spelling test is every Friday 
  • Arithmetic test is every Friday
  • Read every day and remember to get your reading diaries signed


Don't forget to read every night and have your red books signed!


Want some extra practice?